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Cheap or Low Cost Business Valuation Services

FAQ: Are There Cheap Business Valuation Services?

The cost of a small business valuation performed by a professional appraiser is generally based on the purpose and complexity of the job or report delivered. For instance appraisals and valuations performed for litigation issues tend to the mostly costly (7k to 30k) because of the time and complexity involved where as those performed to provide just general pricing guidelines and comparables for valuing an existing "main street" type small business tend to be the least expensive and can be under $500.00.

So in short there are cheaper and lower cost business valuation services available but its important to pick the service that will adequately address your particular problem or need. The easiest way to find out what service will best meet your needs is to request a free business valuation consultation here. A professional appraiser will then contact you to provide a "no obligation consultation" including a menu of applicable services and costs.