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Convenience Store Business Valuation Formula:

This is a general business valuation formula or pricing method for existing and established (min 3 years) retail convenience or mini mart store businesses (with out gas) based on a multiple of the owners annual adjusted net income or cash flow

Convenience Store Valuation Formula: Approximately 2 times the owners annual adjusted net income plus inventory cost.

Broker Comments: The biggest negative issue I have found when listing most independent convenience stores or mini marts is obtaining accurate, current, and good books and records. This information is essential to help support and validate the asking price. Location can also play a big role in valuing and ultimately selling this type of business.   

Need a business valuation or appraisal for legal, personal, or selling purposes? Request A free (& Confidential) preliminary business valuation consultation about your established convenience store business here.
Note: Always contact and consult with a Business Broker, Business Appraiser, or financial adviser who is familiar with the dynamics of your local market and economy.