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Are you curious about the value, or how much your small business may be worth in today's market? Are you wondering about how to possibly value and price an existing business for sale? Or are you thinking about buying an established company and want to research the possible market values before making an offer? Do you need a valuation for legal, partnership, or estate/tax  planning reasons?

Fast Business Valuations offers free online research tools and services designed to provide small business owners with a free and approximate value of their business based on simple (no obligation & confidential) financial information you provide and submit to our confidential online business valuation calculator. You can also perform additional research by exploring our frequently updated database of popular and frequently used small business valuation formulas and pricing guidelines here. 

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Business Valuation CalculatorTry This Free Small Business Valuation Calculator to submit some basic financial information about your business and its industry category to receive a free and fast preliminary business valuation! New industry categories recently added including: Bakeries, Clothing Stores, Fitness Centers, Home Care Services, & More! This is a free and confidential  research tool with absolutely no obligation and no personal info required.

Request a Free Business Valuation Or AppraisalRequest a Free Consultation: Do you need or are you seeking a business appraiser to help you value a business for any number of reasons including selling or buying, legal issues, partnership issues, or estate and tax planning? Go here now to request a preliminary (no obligation) and free  consultation from a professional appraiser. In most cases you will be contacted with in 2 hours or less.

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Most Commonly Valuation Methods - Lists some of the top methods and rules of thumb used to quickly determine the approximate value of businesses in a number of the most popular industry categories such as fast food, manufacturing, restaurants, retail, service, and more.
Business Broker Directory - Find a professional broker or intermediary in your state or local area to help value, price, confidentially market, & sell your company or franchise.